Current Personnel

We would like to thank all of our volunteer members, both past and present, for their time, effort, service and sacrifice.

To our members who have answered the Final Call and paid the ultimate sacrifice, know that your dedication to
protecting Saint David has enabled us to become the department we are today and we are better for having known you.

Your spirit will carry us into the future.

Rank Name Title Radio ID
Chief Loyal Gephart Firefighter Chief 28 / Fire 2801
Assistant Chief Shawna Gephart Firefighter / EMT Chief 281 / Fire 2802

Firefighter Fire 2803

Firefighter Fire 2805

Firefighter Fire 2806

Jeff Chapman  Engineer Fire 2807

Brent Kempton Engineer Fire 2808

Shane Cox  Reserve Firefighter Fire 2809
Captain / PIO & Risk Reduction Jason Todd Firefighter / EMT Fire 2810
Captain / EMS CoordinatorAndrew Krebs Firefighter / Paramedic Fire 2811

Firefighter Fire 2812

KC Wood Firefighter Fire 2813
Lieutenant Steven Edsall Firefighter Fire 2814

Jacob Chapman Firefighter Fire 2815

Leon Vassar Firefighter Fire 2816

Ernest Matthews Probationary Firefighter Fire 2817

Samantha Gephart Firefighter Fire 2818

Stephen StollingsProbationary Firefighter Fire 2819
  Loyal Gephart, JR. Firefighter Fire 2820
  Firefighter Fire 2821
  Matthew Chapman Cadet Fire 2822
  Firefighter Fire 2823
Michael Mohon Consultant Fire 28D1
Rex Kartchner
Consultant Fire 28D2
Jeremy Coleman
Consultant Fire 28D3