Last Call

Photo copyright 2018 by Lee Peterson.
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It is with great sadness that the Saint David Fire District announces the loss of Probationary Firefighter Joshua Eugin (36) at a multi-department training on the night of Wednesday, October 17, 2018. PFF Eugin was involved in a “blackout drill” where firefighters use an actual structure and fake smoke to simulate smoke conditions while rescuing victims. Chief Loyal Gephart stated that “he gave it his all”. PFF Eugin was also a former Marine.

PFF Eugin collapsed during training at approximately 8:00 PM. EMTs at the training began CPR while waiting for a Healthcare Innovations (HCI) paramedic unit to arrive. He was then transported to the Benson Hospital Emergency Room where they continued resuscitation efforts for two hours. His time of death was declared at approximately 10:00 PM.

According to Officer Mark Bonin, Eugin was described as “one of the department’s most dedicated members”. Firefighters are expected to attend their scheduled trainings and to do individual study in their free time. Eugin was no exception. He frequented internet firefighter training and video sites during his free time to learn as much as he could. Captain Jason Todd stated that “Josh was a great friend and his loss has left a hole in the department”.

PFF Eugin was transported with escort to the Pima County Medical Examiner. He is survived by his fiance Chelsea, her daughter Addy, his father Bob and his support dog, Salty (described as his “partner in crime”). Funeral arrangements are being made by the Saint David Fire District with assistance from departments and agencies throughout the state
Rest in Peace buddy. We've got it from here.

Copyright 2018 by the US Fire Administration.  Used with permission.
Copyright 2018 by the US Fire Administration.
Photo used with permission.