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  • All firefighters are EMTs or Paramedics, right?
    NO!  Most firefighters are required to be one or the other, depending on the specific department, but it's not written in stone. Although we currently have plans for all of our personnel to be certified either as an EMT or a Paramedic, not all of us are yet.  To date (1-30-2023), we have three EMTs and one Paramedic on the roster.
  • You mean no one else on the department can help with medical issues?
    NO!  All of our "Non-EMS" personnel are trained for basic first aid, to perform CPR, to treat choking and to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
  • I went by your station, but no one's there!
    We are a volunteer department and our station is unmanned.  Because we're volunteers, we have to work regular jobs to pay our bills.  We donate our free time to help our neighbors when 9-1-1 is called.  They also donate their time to participate in training and to obtain specialized training.
  • What services do you provide?
    We provide structural, wildland and vehicle fire protection. We also provide public education, basic and advanced life support, controlled burns, fire mitigation recommendations, snake rescue and more!
  • I'm an insurance agent. What is your current ISO Rating and how do I know if our customer is in your district?
    We are currently rated at a 4/4Y. Our district location map is online again, however, we respond to every 911 call whether it's in our district or not.
  • How do I get access to log into the website?
    Everything that the general public needs to access the website is available without being required to have an account or log in. Should we choose to implement a forum, this will change. For the time being, the only things available to authorized users that are not available to the public is the ability to administer the site and to post items to the blog.
  • Why do I have to have a burn permit, I never used to?
    Open air burns are required by state law (Arizona Administrative Code R18-2-602.C and Arizona Revised Statutes 49-501) for all open air burns EXCEPT for camp or cooking fires. We are legally required to enforce the provisions set forth in the above referenced documents.
  • Can I get a permit to burn my household trash (burn barrel)?
    Household trash can NOT be burned if there is a garbage collection service that provides service to your location, but you have chosen NOT to subscribe to it. Further, with certain types of materials being prohibited from burning, you will only be able to burn untreated paper products (cardboard and regular paper).
  • The _________ Fire Department I called said that I don't have to have a permit.
    That fire department has no jurisdiction in Saint David. Also, while they may not require you to get a permit from them, per state law, you are still required to have a permit as described in the "Why do I have to have a burn permit, I never used to?" question.
  • What is the specific law that says I have to have a permit
    A.R.S 49-501, A.R.S 49-502, and A.A.C R-18-2-602.
  • I tried applying for burn permit and I clicked "SAVE", but haven't heard anything back, what gives?
    Clicking "SAVE" on the burn permit application only allows you to come back later and finish the application process. You MUST click on "SUBMIT" to send the application for processing.
  • I can't click "SUBMIT" on the permit application.
    This is usually due to a mandatory question not being answered on the application. Please make sure that ALL entries with a red asterisk have been completed. Applications indicating that the burn location is less than 50 feet from a structure will also not be able to complete the application by clicking on "SUBMIT". The same is true if you are not the legal property owner or if you under the age of 18.
  • So I can just make a couple of modifications to be able to submit it?
    Yes, but be careful. This is a legal document and any information provided that is false faces legal prosecution. We can and do make spot checks to ensure that you're burning in accordance to the law, measure distances and refer violators to the state for prosecution.
  • You really do spot checks?
    Yes, we really do. The state has also been known to show up at a burn to do a separate spot check, so please be sure you're following the law.
  • When are board meetings and can anyone show up?
    Board meetings are normally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Station 28, provided at least two board members are in attendance. Under state law, board meetings are open to the general public. There is however, a limited amount of space. Because of this, we start a teleconference at the beginning of each meeting to allow people to call in from home. Please see the appropriate links in this question for more information.
  • I'd like to volunteer to be on the department. What do I need to do?
    Our trainings are held every other Saturday at Station 28. Just show up and talk to an officer. We can get the ball rolling for you and provide basic on-the-job training. See the Department Calendar page for dates and the Contact Us page for directions.